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Chef kristof

Head chef and creator of elite's cuisine

Name: Kristof Deflo

Speciality : gastronómical french and Italian expert

Age: 28

Nationality: Belgian

Chef Jens

Name: jens (1)

Speciality : gastronómical french expert with asían twist

Age: 34

Nationality: Belgian

Chef Andi

Name: Andreas kroh

Speciality : fresh healthy Mediterranean, Mid East, French, Asian, and Peruvian cuisine

Age: 29

Nationality: Austrian

Chef Ioannis

Name: Ioannis

Speciality : Traditional Greek and Mediterranean 

Age: 43

Nationality: Greek

Chef Rik

Name: Rik

Speciality : Italian, french with an asian twist

Age: 33

Nationality: Belgian

Chef Jens

Name: Jens (2)

Speciality : Sharing dinners & tapas, wine pairing, pastries, and Belgian chocolate artist

Age: 31

Nationality: Belgian

Chef Matthew

Name: Matthew

Speciality : Michelin star / fine dining
Expert in pastry & british food

Age: 32

Nationality: British

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